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Whether you're making lists, doing research or sharing resources, TabMagic makes bookmarking the web easier than ever

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🪄 TabMagic features

The browser is one of our most vital tools for work. It's time to use it like one

  Sensible, intuitive keymaps

Press "W" to view all your workspaces. Press "T" to manage your tabs. "N" creates a new workspace and "C", toggles closing tabs after saving them.

  Privacy friendly

TabMagic only stores the names of the links you save to it. It does not store any information about you, your browsing history, cookies, or anything else.

  Share your collections

You can easily share your public workspaces and collections by simply giving someone the link.

  Fast browser navigation

Instantly teleport from tab to tab by opening the Magic Panel and clicking a tab while holding the SHIFT key.

  Easy memory management

Don't want to close a tab, but don't want to save it? Press "X" in the Magic Panel to switch to Suspend Mode and select which tabs you want to suspend until you need them again.

  Reopen saved tabs any time

Tabs saved to your workspaces can be reopened individually or all at once whenever you're ready.

Save and organize everything online

Anyone can use TabMagic, but it works best for those who use lots of hotkeys & shortcuts

Open Magic Panel

Ctrl Shift Space

Opens the Magic Panel on any website

While browsing

Toggle Suspend Mode


Toggles in and out of Suspend Mode. Suspend Mode allows you to select memory-intensive tabs to temporarily discard in order to free up extra memory

in Magic Panel

Select all tabs


Select all tabs. Works in Suspend Mode as well

in Magic Panel

Toggle "Close After Save"


Tap "C" to check/uncheck "Close selected tabs after saving". Upon saving the tabs to the currently selected workspace, TabMagic will close them

in Magic Panel

View all Workspaces


Switch to view all of your workspaces, or the currently open workspace if you have one open. If "W" is pressed while viewing a workspace it will close the workspace

in Magic Panel / Workspace view

View Magic Panel


Switch view to Magic Panel where you can save tabs, suspsend tabs, create new workspaces, adjust settings, rename tabs, and more

in Workspace view

Easy Save

Ctrl E or RMB

TabMagic Easy Save bookmarks the page and allows you to add easily annotations and tags. You can also right-click images or links and select "Save to TabMagic"

While browsing

Create a new Workspace


Create a new workspace by naming it and pressing Enter to save the name. This Workspace won't be saved until you have added at least 1 tab to it

in Magic Panel

Tab Search


Quickly search all open tabs. If you have set custom names for any tabs/websites, TabMagic will search using that name instead of the resource's original name

in Magic Panel

Save tabs / Suspend tabs


Quickly save selected tabs to the current Workspace. If you are in Suspend mode, this will suspend all selected tabs instead

in Magic Panel

Toggle Workspace list


Toggle the dropdown of your currently saved Workspaces to easily switch to a different Workspace

in Magic Panel

Rename tab title

Ctrl LMB

Ctrl + Click'ing on a tab's title in the Magic Panel allows you to set a more memorable name for a resource

in Magic Panel

Instant Tab Switch

Shift LMB

Shift + Click a tab in the Magic Panel to instantly switch to it

in Magic Panel

Go to top of tab list


Instantly go to the top of the list of open tabs. Handy if your workspace is a still a mess. Think "h for high"

in Magic Panel

Go to middle of tab list


Instantly go to the middle of your tab list. Think "m for middle"

in Magic Panel

Go to bottom of tab list


Instantly go to the bottom of your tab list. Think "l for low"

in Magic Panel


TabMagic is free to use and offers a super-affordable upgrade, so there's no reason to work on the web like a muggle

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  • 10 bookmarks per workspace

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